Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes Email, Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Youtube Instagram etc, and Web-Based Advertising, also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

According to the survey, social media is a huge demand with 81% of the companies while websites are used around 78%, email at 69%. moreover, Over half of the companies also use display/banner ads, mobile apps, and content marketing at 55, 53, and 53 percent respectively. These are all huge parts of digital marketing.

More or less maximum companies use digital marketing in some way or other but some top companies based on this particular are web fx, ignite visibility, silverback strategies etc. Amazon uses its official Facebook page to promote its company news and feature product promotions through influencers of all sizes.

Course content-:

It includes Search, Engine Optimization ( SEO)Pay-Per0 Clicks(PPC, Conversion Optimization,Google Analytics, Content, Mobile & e-mail Marketing. Moreover, content strategy, social media advertising, display advertising, email marketing are some basic content.

What does a Digital marketing company do?

The prime goal of a dm company is to increase the online presence, through advertising make the brands and products popular, increase the sales if it is a product-based company.


Anyone interested in this course can opt for this. Even after12th a student can get this course. Although for companies a degree in marketing is taken a benefit. People with MBA in Marketing is advisable, 

The Student should have basic knowledge of the Internet.

Job opportunities after the course-:

There is a lot of opportunities as the modern markets work on digital marketing. In this field, you can get professional posts like Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director, Web Developer & Web Designer, Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager, SEO Executive/Expert, PPC/SEM Expert, Content Marketer, etc.

The average salary in India-:

As per the survey, the national average salary in the field of marketing is approx 6.5 lakh. It further depends on your skills and post. Freshers generally get between 2.5 Lakh to 3.5 Lakh, depends on the company

Applications of digital marketing-:

Marketing is usually used in an advertising medium, Promotion,  sale transactions, distribution channel, relationship building medium, and further

Top Institutes that digital marketing course in India

We have compared and analyzed a lot of different top institutes in India that provide digital marketing based on their Fees, mode of training, placement, and other deciding factors

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