CFP(Certified Financial Planner)

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a formal recognition of expertise in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement.

It is the certificate given to those individuals who have cleared all the exams of FPSB, and when someone clear that exam then he or she becomes a Certified Financial planner

For those looking for a career in the financial services sector, CFPCM Certification provides a definite edge over other candidates and widely respected by consumers, professionals & industry.

How to become CFP

for becoming CFP, you need to clear three specialist certificate and which can be on any order, and after clearing all three exams, student have to complete  one capstone course for CFP certifications

The three examinations which Candidate need to write are as follow

  1. Investment planning specialist certification
  2. Retirement and tax planning specialist certification
  3. Risk Management and state planning
  4. Certified Financial Planner certification(Capstone course)

Eligibility of the specialist exams

Candidates who are at least age18 and have completed HSC/12th pass (Std XII/HSC) may register with FPSB and begin the FPSB Investment Planning Specialist education course

Mode of Learning or Preparing for the exams

Candidates may complete the FPSB Investment Planning Specialist education requirement and become eligible to sit for the certification exam in one of three ways:

  1. Self-Paced Education Students who register with FPSB and select “Self-Paced Learning” will receive a password for FPSB’s online learning portal, FPSBlearning, where they can read and interact with FPSB’s various learning materials at their own speed and test their knowledge with quizzes and module tests to validate their learning experience. The self-paced education path may be most appealing to experienced investment professionals or self-starters who enjoy studying on their own schedule. *Self-paced learners who do not pass all FPSB Investment Planning Specialist module exams after the two attempts will be asked to pursue the instructor-led path by enrolling with an Authorized Education Provider (AEP).
  2. Instructor-Led Education Candidates who want an immersive educational experience with hands-on learning and access to an FPSB Authorized Education Provider should register for “Instructor-Led Learning” when signing up with FPSB. FPSB Authorized Education Providers offer both classroom and online education experiences. When registering with FPSB, individuals who sign up for instructor-led education will be asked to select from amongst FPSB’s authorized providers, which are also listed on the FPSB Ltd. website.

How to book the exams

FPSB Ltd. will have a total of four certification exams in India (assessing the competencies of the three specialist courses and the culminating CFP certification marks), leading to CFP certification in India. Exam registration is open in my FPSBLearning for students who have completed the Investment Planning Specialist and/or Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist courses.

Each Specialist exam is 2-hours, 75 multiple-choice questions, and available on the computer to be taken remotely. It is based on a specification developed from the

Each exam assesses the level of knowledge for that specialist, skill and ability needed to earn that FPSB Specialist credential, including the functions of collection, analysis, and synthesis. Each question on the exam focuses primarily on a specific element of competency from that FPSB Specialist Competency Profile, with each question being equally weighted.

Specialist course exam details

  • 75 multiple-choice questions (4 possible answer choices)
  • Computer-based testing format
  • Duration – two hours
  • Financial calculators permitted (data must be erased)
  • Excel not allowed

There will be two possible marks: correct, with points allotted; or incorrect, for zero points. Students will not have points deducted (referred to as ‘negative marking’).

Students have three years from the date of enrollment with FPSB Ltd. to complete the education course and pass the exam.

The student must be registered with FPSB Ltd. for 30 days and complete the education required to be eligible to take the exam.

CFP Capstone Exam Details

  • The exam is 3 hours long
  • The exam consists of two sections, taken in a specific order
  • The exam is a multiple-choice format; each question has four possible answer choices, one of which is clearly the best choice
  • Computer-based testing format
  • Financial calculators are allowed (once data is erased)

Program Fees

Particulars Fees Fees (INR)*
Enrollment Fees $165 12375
Textbook for Specialist Track course (per track) $60 4500
Exam Fees for Track/Module Exams (Per exam) $61 4575
Textbook for CFP Certification Track $120 9000
CFP Certification Exam Fee $122 9150
Student Renewal Fee (Annual) $165 12375
CFPCM Certification Renewal Fees $120 9000

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