Business Analytics

              Business analytics is an analysis of the data using different statistical tools and techniques like R, SAS, Python, Tableau and coming to the conclusion which is beneficial for the business. We use the past 4 to 5 years of data of any company and do the future protection on behalf of that. it is used as a decision-making tool for the industry It is used in every domain like HR, Marketing. Finance, Healthcare. Companies that use data-driven decision-making usually hire business analytics. A good analyst is someone who owns organizational commitment to using data to gain the best decision about the company.

Data Science is advanced of Busines analytics here student mainly deal with Big data tools, Machine Learning, AI, these kinds of techniques are used for different business requirements

             A company like Flipkart, Amazon, Netflix, Makemytrip, Swiggy, Google, Facebook, Ola, and uber these top companies use data science or data analytics techniques to improve their business strategies 

Course Content:

It generally includes Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Data Exploration, Clustering, Classification., R, SAS, Python, SQL, Tableau,

What does Business Analyst do?

            Business analyst guides businesses in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis. They usually cover the bridge between business people and data to turn out the company into profits statistically.


  • Anyone having Bachelor or Master degree in Statistics, Math, Computer Science, IT, Engineering, can pursue a Business analytics course
  • or Anyone having good knowledge of programming, and math or statistics are eligible to join the Business analytics course

Job opportunities after the Business analytics course

        There is a bright future in this field as you can get professional jobs like Solutions Architect Management Analyst Quantitative Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Financial Analyst, HR analyst, Digital Marketing analyst. Clinical trial analyst

Average Salary of Business Analyst in India

        The salary of Business Analysts in India ranges from 300k to 1,290k per annum. Their average pay is 625k per annum. once you get experienced it increases gradually depending on your skills and experience

 Applications of Business Analytics 

        Business analytics tools and techniques are used in Finance, Healthcare IT, E-commerce, Retail, Banking, and the Telecom industries  

Top Institutes that provide Business analytics course and Data science course in India

       We have compared and analyzed a lot of different top institutes in India that provide Business analytics based on their Fees, mode of training, placement, and other deciding factors

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